Exclusive Lake Booking for 7 gents from Kent - 7 amazing anlers from Kent who have been returning to Jurassica2 for many years, group booker Daryl Mclaren and his son Ben Mclaren, Chris Edland, Peter Camoccio, Toby Taylor, John Berasconi and Ben.  They commented on the changes and up grades ongoing at J2 and have confirmed it's for the better, with their hard work and input from their work party visit in March 2016 including Daryl, Chris, Ben and Pete the 1st visitors/work party we had after purchasing J2 and believe me this was a much needed visit we would not have opened on time without these guys!!! 

PBs again this week with Peter Camoccio pulling out 3 fish in their mid 50s (see fish gallery) regarding the other anglers the fish are being entered on the Fish Gallery page when I receive the photo's - 

I'm also pleased to say they have agreeded a re-turn work party visit this year, upgrade needed at the lodge, so bring your tools lads as well as your rods :D



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