The Sun made a show at Jurassica2 this week with 8 eager anglers waiting to dive into J2

Dave Foster lured in the biggest this week with a fabulous 58lb 7oz

Beau McMahon netted a grand total of 19 carp plus 1 Tench (they all count) Beau raced away reeling in 10 carp in the mid to high 20s, moving on into the 30s hooking 8 carp, also pulling in a lovely 40lber - Well Done Beau nice total in weight!!

Dave Foster started low @ 20lb & a mid 20lb but swiftly moving into the high 30s with a grand total of 4 carp, not stopping at that netting 3 in the 40s, but  then going on to put the icing on the cake with a cracking 53lb carp (PB) but only for 2 days after luring in a fabulous 58lb 7oz (PB) Well done Dave, and not forgetting a Cat with the collection for good measure!!

Cody McMahon lured in a great total of 12 carp plus a Bream, again starting with 4 carp weighing between 18lb & 20lb, banking a fab collection of carp in their late 20s totaling 4, movement started on the lake with Cody pulling in some stunning carp @ 34lb 8oz, 34lb 4oz, 33lb 4oz and finishing with a 33lb 4oz - NICE!!

Jeff Black weighed in a healthy stock of carp starting with a stunning 50lb 13oz (m) not stopping his rods from catching a great list including a 47lb 6oz (m) 35lb Grass, 35lb (c) 36lb (c) 34lb (m) 37lb (m) 34lb (m) and to end his holiday in the Sun with a lovely 38lb (m) GOOD ONE!!

Lee Amer banked 7 carp weighing in from 15lb 4oz to include a 22lb 2oz, 31lb 2oz, 26lb 4oz, 45lb 12oz, 18lb 10oz and reeling in  last but not least a good 28lb 2oz it was a pleasure Lee!

Sam Lane lured in 6 carp starting with a great 34lb 4oz swiftly netting a 28lb, 20lb, 24lb 4oz, 21lb 4oz and banking a cracking 41lb to finish his total.

Brett Stocks went in pulling out a 42lb 4oz carp, following with a 28lb 6oz, 39lb and weighing in a 33lb 6oz totaling a heavy load @ 4 carp.

Richard regarding jumped straight in at the top regarding weight and lured in a fab 53lb (m) followed with a great 30lb 4oz (m) Nice Fishing Richard.

A event full week lads, the total keeps increasing and the Anglers this week landed a total of 70!!!



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