Well SMASHED IT!!!! What a week we have had with Lee Loveridge & Crew with a RECORD 115 FISH coming out at Jurassica2 this week.

The weather was a mixed bag this week with temperatures hitting the 30s early in the week and turning to cloud and rain at the end of the week, but that did not debtor the lads from catching this week!

On arrival the lads wasted no time in getting the rods set up, with movement on the lake starting early in fact very early, it wasn't long before the lads were pulling the carp out and the action starting.

Top the leader board this week with 31 cracking fish and losing (5) in the process Alan Skinner and to top it off with 3 PBs included, Alan had 1 at 18:12lb and then moving immediately up into the higher level with (7) in the 20s, 19  in the 30s, (3) in the 40s, and a stunning first time out this season 50:3lb (picture to follow in the gallery) getting Alan wet! with a grand total of 31 stunning carp.

Next up Nicky Ion with a fabulous count of 25 starting with (1) 12:3lb but quickly moving on with (9) in the 20s, (13) stunning fish in the 30s, with other (2) in the 40s, closely followed with a PB 39.4lb beautiful common and only losing 1 well done Nicky.

3rd in line with a bucket load Gerry Marston pulling in a fabulous total of 21 only losing 6, going straight in to the 20s with (4) and (14) in the upper 30s and a large catch of (3) in the 40s, well fished Gerry.

Next in the firing line Barry Brewster netting a grand total of 16 cracking carp being brought up into the his swim, starting at (8) in the 20s, (5) in the 30s, (2) in the 40s, and then no messing with (2) beautiful carps in the 50s, some weight caught there Barry!

Closely followed by Andy Watts with (1) at 14lb, but moving up to the 20s pulling (5) in, next (7) in the late 30s, finished with a lovely 44lb carp 

Up next we have Antony Gilbert-Trask pulling in a 20:6lb Mirror and (2) stunning carp weighting in the 30s

And finally we have Steve Trask with a great 28lb & 32lb carp catch with same total for Jim Moultrie catching a lovely 19lb & 36lb carps well done lads!

It was a pleasure doing business gents, and special thanks to Sonny Clarke the manager who was a diamond looking after the anglers this week (and every week) :) roll on J2        


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