Only 2 gents on J2 from Wales THIS WEEK (The Welsh Lads) THAT DID NOT STOP THEM CATCHING!!!! with a 31 acre lake to share

Where do I begin, Steve Davis and Simon Roberts had a smashing week, literally! catching a grand total of 52 fish.

Steve Davis came in with a grand total of 27 fish starting low with (1) weighing 16lb and swiftly moving straight up to (11) in the 20s, followed with (11) in the 30s, (3) in the 40s, finishing with a stunning 56lb carp (pictures to follow)  well done Steve.

Next we have Simon Roberts coming in with a fabulous catch of 25 with (9) in the 20s, followed with 2 beautiful commons weighing in at 30lb and 32lb and another (9) in the 30s, with (4) in the 40s and a stunning 56lb Half Linear.  A great week lads, it was a pleasure, and see you both in 2017 (twice) cheers lads.....         




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