There is only one way to say this!! the Shrewsbury lads smashed it at J2 landing in total 129 fish!!!!

Luke Tomlins and crew arrived for our opening week on the 1st April 2017 with determination with the aim of walking away with a new record and they did not arrive with failure on their minds.  

With a steady start, and picking up pace mid week in the hot weather, they ended the week with a powerful solid number.

Persistent, disciplined and dedicated is the only way i can describe this group! after a quick cuppa in the new lodge followed with the peg draw they were on their way, after setting up, polishing off the evening meal the rods were out, the first night was a bit quieter than we expected, but still some mid to high doubles on the bank the challenge was underway!

With a J2 full English Breakfast under their belts the numbers started stacking up starting with -

Kevin Jones landing a amazing 27 in total starting gently with a 19lb carp, swiftly moving straight on to 15No in their 20s - followed by 9No in their upper 30s - 1No cat and finishing with a stunning 54.4lb Mirror (PB) fab week Kevin

Next to catch was Duncan Mcvern pulling in a great total of 18 carp plus a cat - with 5No upper 20s - 10No amazing upper to high in weight 30s - 2No stunning 40s and to complete his fabulous total with a beautiful 53lb (PB) mirror plus a cat

Steven Williams was next off the mark with a great total of 16 starting with 6No beauties in their upper 20s - quickly moving up 8No carp in their 30s - coming up with 2No cracking mirrors at 43.8lb and a stunning 47.4lb (PB) cheers Steven

Next we have Luke Tomlins group booker pulling in a fab 14 carp - 5No upper 20s - straight up to 7No in their 30s - then 1No 46.2lb mirror - last but not least a great 53lb mirror -  well done Luke

Next up we have Dan Goodfellow with a grand total of 13 carp - starting with a 18lb mirror, but not for long, no hanging around and moving straight on to 5No stunning 20s - 5No lovely 30s - landing 2No amazing mirrors at 45lb (PB) nice Dan!

We have Craig next pulling in 13 carp from 4No upper 20s - 8No large good looking 30s - banking a lovely 40.4lb common to finish - some weight there Dan and Craig well done lads

Robert Jones was next on the bank pulling in 7No carp - starting with a mirror and a common in their 20s - 2No lovely 30s - 2No carp in their 40s - smile on his face 52lb mirror (PB) great job Robert

We have Mick Hall next up banking 5 carp - 1No fab 14lb common a 22lb mirror 28lb mirror 31.12lb mirror and a stunning 38lb mirror

Chris Jones up next with 4 great carp with a 14lb mirror 10lb common 32lb mirror 33lb mirror finishing with a 6lb Pike Nice!!

The Shrewsbury lads maneuvered the fish to their advantage and had a cracking week, CONGRATS GENTS IT WAS A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU ALL, SPREAD THE WORD JURASSICA2      





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