WORK PARTY ARRIVE AT JURASSICA2 CARP FISHING LAKE (The Magnificent Seven) -  And did they work at J2

Daryl McLaren, Ben McLaren, Peter Camoccio, Chris Edland, Toby Taylor, Ben Talbot and John Berasconi work party from Kent arrived Saturday 22nd October

The lads started work on arrival and did they have the work lined up!! don't really know where to start, the lodge was completely transformed with all the interior walls being taken down, new steels going in, a new timber and steel pitched roof put on, first fix electrics going in the new shower/toilet block the list was endless!!

The lads worked from dusk till dawn, the work completed was amazing and without their help J2 would not be at the stage we are now!!

Can not find the words to thanks the gents enough for all the hard work put in at J2, it is very much appreciated and because of the fabulous help we look like we will be opening with great new facilities for all the anglers booked in for 2017    



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